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Latest News About Smokie

Wednesday 15 November


In this the last installment of Album Ripples, looking back at past albums, We quite literally Take A Minute to look at the album of the same name!

There was real optimism looking forward, with the new record deal offered by The Black Pelican label, who were a subsidiary of Sony records.

“Take A Minute” was released in August of 2010

Once again, the band recorded in Yorkshire albeit with a Danish Producer Lars Pederson and the promise of a Europe wide release by Black Pelican gave Smokie a real feeling of being back on track once again. Songwriting efforts from band members made up the bulk of the tracks on offer.

Martin recalls

"The concept behind “Take a minute” was quite simply that we would record the whole album as a band, instead of using the “revolving door” method whereby one member of the band finishes their part of the recording and another takes over. The result was that the band had a lot of fun and laughter, mostly because we were facing each other, rather than all being behind glass partitions. You can hear Steve counting in the title song and also laughter at the end of “Let’s do it again”. The long awaited sequel to “Alice” also appears on this album in the form of “Sally’s Song”. All in all the album captures the band being ourselves, something that no other Smokie album has ever achieved before or since. It was my most fun album to make and I still feel the lighthearted mood in the studio when I listen back to the tracks"

A high budget video of “Sally’s Song” was produced, there was an active TV campaign in Scandinavia, allowing the band to remain on high profile in an ever changing record market.

We hope you have enjoyed “Album Ripples” Fond memories for most part,and a chance to reflect on past achievements!

Photo of the band on stage

Smokie's Tour Dates

December 2017
31Kings Casino, Rozvadov, Czech Republic 
February 2018
2Charity Evening, Bradford, UK 
8Palace of Culture and Sports, Varna, Bulgaria
9Opera House, Burgas, Bulgaria
16The Waterfront, Belfast, Northern Ireland
17Clanree Hotel, Letterkenny, Ireland
Photo of the band on stage