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Latest News

15th November 2017


In this the last installment of Album Ripples, looking back at past albums, We quite literally Take A Minute to look at the album of the same name!

There was real optimism looking forward, with the new record deal offered by The Black Pelican label, who were a subsidiary of Sony records.

“Take A Minute” was released in August of 2010

Once again, the band recorded in Yorkshire albeit with a Danish Producer Lars Pederson and the promise of a Europe wide release by Black Pelican gave Smokie a real feeling of being back on track once again. Songwriting efforts from band members made up the bulk of the tracks on offer.

Martin recalls

"The concept behind “Take a minute” was quite simply that we would record the whole album as a band, instead of using the “revolving door” method whereby one member of the band finishes their part of the recording and another takes over. The result was that the band had a lot of fun and laughter, mostly because we were facing each other, rather than all being behind glass partitions. You can hear Steve counting in the title song and also laughter at the end of “Let’s do it again”. The long awaited sequel to “Alice” also appears on this album in the form of “Sally’s Song”. All in all the album captures the band being ourselves, something that no other Smokie album has ever achieved before or since. It was my most fun album to make and I still feel the lighthearted mood in the studio when I listen back to the tracks"

A high budget video of “Sally’s Song” was produced, there was an active TV campaign in Scandinavia, allowing the band to remain on high profile in an ever changing record market.

We hope you have enjoyed “Album Ripples” Fond memories for most part,and a chance to reflect on past achievements!

13th November 2017


Eclipse (Acoustic Album)

MTV ran an unplugged season of live recordings featuring some of the biggest names in the music industry throughout the early nineties. The likes of Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, Bon Jovi and even Nirvana, had huge success revamping their songs around the sounds of acoustic instruments.

Due to the “Uncovered” project and the need for an original album of new songs with “On The Wire” Smokie could quite well have been viewed as missing the boat? However; having spoke about doing an acoustic album on many occasions, it would eventually come to fruition in 2008 released by My Way Music and Rockup Music for the German release a year later.

Apart from a few overdubs the Eclipse album was actually recorded in Mick’s house, in the UK. The band made a suggestion that it the album be mixed by Pete Greene, who previously mixed the Nashville Album.

Mick recalls

“I was editing some of the tracks before mixing and I could here a banging sound on two or three of the songs but I couldn’t identify what it was”?

I spent hours trying to isolate that annoying knocking sound to find out. Eventually I realized that my Black Labrador Max, was wagging his tail against the floor as I’d been recording some of the guitars. It was too late and it had to stay on, I don’t think Max was ever credited for that performance”

“Changing All The Time”  “Love Remains A Stranger” and “Meet You At Midnight” would feature on an Acoustic Tour that was in billed as, an “Evening With Smokie”

The arrangements were well thought out and the style that some of those old songs had applied to them, would make Eclipse a must buy for the Smokie connoisseur.

Eclipse didn’t gain the success of previous CMC releases but the effort was met with positive critical acclaim from the press and true Smokie diehards alike.

9th November 2017


On The Wire

On The Wire was released on August 29th 2004.

It would be the last release with CMC Records. Once again, the band would record in Yorkshire with Simon Humphrey as Producer

After almost three years without recording, the band got themselves together as a unit, in a real effort to write music as as a band. The songs “Why” and “A Million Conversations” made the cut as well as several other songs written by band members.

The eagerly awaited album had success in Scandinavia achieving a number seven place in the Danish charts.

On The Wire was an eclectic mix of songs showcasing the band’s talent as musicians and songwriters.


Mick Recalls

“There were a couple of songs that I felt needed slide guitar, but despite my best efforts I didn’t feel those parts that I did were up to scratch and thought it better to get a slide guitar player help out.

I called Mickey Moody of Whitesnake, probably one of the best slide guitar players in the world.

"He didn’t really want a session fee but insisted I buy him the best fish and chips in Yorkshire, yes quite true"

“Working with Mickey was quite amazing, he played on three songs I think? But all his parts were just incredible”

"After that evening session, and, as promised. We stood outside a fish shop in Castleford eating Fish and Chips”

"I remember two bikers outside the fish and chip shop were arguing with each other, one of them saying. That’s Mickey Moody from Whitesnake, I’m telling you!           The other one said, Don’t be an idiot what would Mickey Moody be doing stood outside a fish shop in Castleford"

6th November 2017


After the success of a great tour of Israel, the guys headed to Hungary for a couple of days off and a sell out show in Budapest.

23 years ago Smokie were guests at the Globe Music Awards where they presented best newcomer and single awards to All For One, for their single "I Swear" How Ironic that the band would cover that song a few years later themselves on the Uncovered Project.

Despite a twenty years plus absence from not playing in Budapest, the band were greeted by a raptous sell out crowd in the Congress Centre. 

For those of you who couldn't get tickets this time round, Smokie will be back in Hungary next year!

3rd November 2017


This week we have run a series of stories looking back at past albums, with band members allowing us to get an insight to their feelings and lighter moments of album production. We hope you have enjoyed it.


After the success of Uncovered, CMC approached Smokie to record a second edition covers album.

With a big budget video and a TV campaign to match, “Uncovered Too” charted instantly and was another major success for CMC, but the band had a different outlook on the project, with some members enjoying the experience once again at PUK, with Peter Iverson at the helm.

Uncovered Too was released in 2001 and 2002. It did well in Scandinavia and was also released in Germany and Australia.

2nd November 2017



CMC Records were still big on the concept thing. A couple of artists on their roster had made a covers album, so guess what?

There was a mixed reaction amongst band members, but eventually the band headed back to PUK in Denmark and recordings started with Peter Iverson (The owner of PUK) as producer. The Prague Symphony Orchestra also featured on most of the tracks.

A small fortune was spent on band members and a huge entourage to head off to Southern France, where a TV Commercial was made in the Ancient Roman Theatre d’Orange in Avingnon de Provence.

The single “It Never Rains In Southern California” was also recorded whist filming the commercial.

Mike Recalls

“Meeting the record company to discuss songs was quite fun, we didn’t all agree on the material that CMC was presenting, but on reflection I thing CMC knew exactly what they needed to make the album a marketable product"

"I enjoyed working with the Producer Peter Iverson, he was an old friend and that was also how PUK Studios felt to me, I was back with an old friend”


That small fortune that CMC spent on the TV commercial was a good investment. The album charted in most territories when it was released on 14th December 2000. It went Platinum incredibly quickly, a status the band craved and the record company expected as a matter of course.

TV companies where lining up to have the band on primetime TV Shows, once again Smokie were flavor of the month just about everywhere.

Smokie toured the Uncovered project by playing two sets as part of their live show. Playing the Uncovered material in the first set and the hits in the second.

Sell out tours of Scandinavia, South Africa and even the UK ensued.

1st November 2017



WILD HORSES The Nashville Album

After the success of Light A Candle and with CMC Records well and truly behind the band, talk of a new album had started to stir.

Terry had expressed a wish to go back and record at Compass Point in the Bahamas, where Strangers In paradise was recorded. This option was pursued by the record company, but the cost was beyond anything that felt sensible.

It was also the case that everyone felt a break fro PUK Studio was necessary to keep things fresh.

Behind the scenes, CMC Records were trying to appease the band and allow them to record away from PUK, and in the end they settled for going to Nashville in the US.

There is a misconception that Smokie were trying to break America but this wasn’t really the case, although the band did try to get an American release, in the end some poor business decisions stopped that happening.

Mick Recalls

“The American way of recording was one of the best things I felt we learned as a band. Those sessions with Barry Becket will remain a fond memory for a long time to come”

Steve recalls

“We met some of the best musicians that we’de ever seen, Nashville is just full of them one on every corner, so to speak”

Terry recalls

“We did a photo session out in the country and I asked the photographer why is that hotel so far out of town?  It turns out it was Alan Jackson’s house who was at the time the hottest property in Nashville”

Produced by Barry Beckett of (Muscle Shoals fame) and Bob Seger

Wild Horses was released on 25th February 1998

It entered the Norwegian charts at number 10, with a delayed release everywhere else. Unfortunately and beyond the band’s control, Seagrams had made a hostile bid for EMI records (Who now owned CMC) Assets were put on hold and despite the retailers crying out for more stock there was no movement, Wild Horses failed in Europe. It did however create interest in the UK and the band enjoyed a UK release with Ritz Records and plenty airplay on national radio. Interest about the band in the UK was the best it had been in years.

The band continue to play songs from the Nashville Album in the live set today.

31st October 2017


Light A Candle

CMC Records had very much become masters of compilation and concept albums. They had success with the “No Stress” series of chill-out music, so it was suggested by them, that Smokie make a Christmas Album.

The official line at the time was, the band were fine and all was well, but cracks had started to appear around Alan Silson’s efforts towards live gigs, and even though he did present a self penned song for the upcoming Christmas album, he failed to show for the start of recording.   Mike, Terry, Martin and Steve started “Light A Candle” in the summer of 1996 In the familiar surroundings of PUK Studios in Denmark.

The band had already approached Mick to play on some live shows until the Alan Silson Issue could be resolved.

In the end Smokie were left with little choice but to ask Mick to also play guitar on the new Christmas Album.

Mick Recalls

“I was surprised to learn that not one single guitar had been recorded, but the tracks for most part were almost finished. Martin had made a good job of creating some guitar parts on keyboards so it did all sound quite full”

“The Producer had told me right at the start, that it would be highly unlikely that my guitar parts would be used and so we were working on the basis that Alan Silson may well want to partake at some point?  I was still doing the live shows too. However; with that scenario present, I was under very little pressure because of the constant reminder my guitar parts were just a parachute”, just in case?


“We eventually got round to doing backing vocals, which was always going to be tough. First of all I didn’t sound like Alan Silson. The band, were also in slightly stranger territory because the chord voicings, that were present on the tracks, weren’t exactly Rock/Pop. It was very challenging.

My opinion today is that the vocals on Light A Candle are the best we’ve ever recorded, somehow they fell into place and we ended up with a musically, well crafted album that still sounds classy and credible today.

Thankfully, all my guitar parts remained”


Martin recalls

“We recorded this album in the middle of the hot summer of 1996. Not ideal weather to get into the Christmas mood, so I had a few props in my studio, a separate one from the main studio, where I recorded all the keyboard parts. These props included a dancing Santa, mini Christmas tree and snow globes. One day a group of patients from a local psychiatric hospital were shown around Puk Studio in Denmark, where the album was recorded, and the look of confusion on their faces as they were met with so incongruous a winter scenario in summer was comical. I just hope our out of season air of celebration didn’t harm their chances of a full recovery from their illnesses”

Martin (ex-psychiatric nurse)

P.S. Is it Christmas yet? I designed my Christmas card this year on 4th August.


Light A Candle (The Christmas Album) was released late 1996.

CMC Records made sure the promotion was in full swing by mid-November.

The band made a video at Ripley Castle in North Yorkshire to accompany the single (Written by Mike), and promotion through Scandinavia was relentless.

In it’s first week of release, Light A Candle entered the charts at number 5.

It achieved Platinum status.

30th October 2017


This week, we take a look back at past albums and get the thoughts from band members on how they feel about those records today. A chance to share some personal thoughts and even some controversy.

The World And Elsewhere

There was, as you’d expect, pressure on both the band and Mike to deliver, but after a week of rehearsals in a private summer villa in Blokhus, the record company gave the band, the thumbs up.

So with a new singer; new record company and with perhaps a feeling of a new direction and a new start, Smokie entered PUK Studio in Denmark to make their 15th studio album.

Tracks written by all band members made it a real group effort.

Steve Recalls

“CMC the record company organized a listening party when the album was finished. When we played back the song, Will You Still love Me Tomorrow, the hairs stuck up on the back of my neck. Mike had nailed the album! It was a great feeling”

Mike Recalls

"I finished up doing more guitars than I expected to do on the album 'World and Elsewhere"

"When it was scheduled to lay down some guitars on some tracks, Alan Silson had gone for a long walk in the countryside. We needed some temporary ‘guide’ rythmn guitars so that we could progress with the recordings. I had to pick up both electric and acoustic guitars to record some ‘guide’ tracks"

"Instead of just being temporary, the producer decided that we keep almost all of those guitar tracks for the final mix"

The World And Elsewhere, was released on the 8th of December 1995 and achieved Gold Status.

Looking back, the record company made a masterstroke by suggesting the band record the CCR song “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” A video was made at a live show later that year and was played on high rotation on the up and coming music channel, VH1, thus allowing a much farther reaching audience to witness what Smokie, now had to offer.

28th October 2017


After the three sold out shows in Ireland, the band are currently in Israel where more sold out shows add to the ever increasing "Sold Out" dillema of should we add a second show? Something the guys never like to do, but this will be the case in the capital Tel Aviv. The second added show is almost sold out now giving the band a wonderful feeling and proving that their popularity in this region seems to be increasing at every visit.

The guys are getting plenty of pool time, and many photos are going on Facebook, with Mick posting photos from "Old Jaffa" yesterday. Great that we could get the guys in the same hotel for a full week.

Next week, we have a new feature here on the site with "Album Ripples"  Band members will share memories and experiences from past albums such as the recording process and funny stories. This, for sure will be very interesting, maybe throw us a few surprises?

12th October 2017

IRELAND - Athlone, Wexford and Cork ALL SOLD OUT

Smokie would like to inform fans in Ireland that ALL shows this weekend are sold out.

30th August 2017


We have been advised by our promotor in Ireland, that tckets are now limited for our Cork Opera House show on the 14th October.

Smokie strongly adivise that you book soon to avoid disappointment.

25th August 2017


We hope you have enjoyed the last two weeks of summer fun with the "DID YOU KNOW"? series of posts.

Here's the last one for the summer!


Mick, Steve and Mike are keen footballl fans, but when the occasion arises Terry and Martin become fans too.

Saturday on tour, is football day. Mick and Steve usually find an Irish Pub somewhere that will show an English Premier League game. Mike tries to get the game on his iPad

Mick is a Leeds United fan, Steve is a Middlesborough fan and Mike supports Bradford City. Terry will cheer on any Yorkshire football team and Martin watches the Scottish football results to see how his local Inverness has got on.

When it comes to England playing in the major competitions, the band request that a TV be available backstage at all times!

So now you know!

24th August 2017



Smokie have recorded two songs in a foreign language.

"Nan Lee Wan" was sang in Mandarin for the Chinese Market and "If You Think You Know How To Love Me? was recorded in Spanish for the south American market.

Asi que ahora ya sabes!

23rd August 2017



Mick and Mike, always sit at the front of the Tour Bus. Halfway down Martin and Steve always sit next to each other, Terry always sits nearer to the back.

When the guys get a flight, Martin and Steve always have a window seat, Terry, Mike and Mick always have an aisle seat.

When the band use a private plane Martin always takes the place of the purser/steward serving drinks and snacks.

So now you know!



22nd August 2017



Before the guys in Smokie became professional musicians they actually had day jobs!

Terry worked as an apprentice printer, Mike worked in local government, Steve worked as a Milkman, Martin worked in banking and Mick was an apprentice plumber.

So now you know!

21st August 2017



After the tragic accident and the death of Alan Barton. Mick always went on stage with a plectrum that belonged to Alan which he kept in his back pocket.

19th August 2017



Steve is a keen golfer. He has played with Ernie Els and in South Africa a few years ago he was invited to play with one of his golfing heroes Gary Player. He needed to change his flight home until a day later but that's exactly what he did.

17th August 2017



On "The World And Elsewhere Tour" of Germany in 1996, Smokie played 30 shows back to back with not one single day off!    That's a tough bit of touring, but it was 21 years ago, the guys were a bit younger back then!

16th August 2017


Did you know?

Martin wears odd shoes onstage. He bought two pairs of "Spatterdash" boots one green and one red pair, he mixes them up and has one colour on one foot and another colour on the other foot. He has worn these odd shoes onstage since he bought them many many years ago, How odd is that?

15th August 2017



Each and every weekend or short trip out with Smokie, Terry's wife always makes him a sandwich for his Journey. She also makes one for Mick, so Terry has to travel with as much food in his carry-on as a Pret A Manger caterer!  Mick has also been known to complain that more black pepper is needed (Yep, only Mick could do that)

14th August 2017


Welcome to the first "DID YOU KNOW"?


When the band tour for a period of time that may last for two weeks or more. Mike Craft always buys cheap socks, underpants and T-Shirts from Primark and instead of doing laundry, he just throws them away as he uses them.

He calls it "Wear and Wang"

So now you know!

13th August 2017


The summer window has now closed for Mike, Steve, Terry, Mick and Martin.

After a great but wet festival in Holstebro, Denmark on Saturday, the guys flew home for a well earned break, which will allow them time for holdays and some time with family and freinds.

The guys would like to thank all fans far and wide for continued support in whatever the weather it would seem!

Enjoy the rest of the summer, next stop for Smokie is a TV Show in Munich on September 16th to mark the start of the world famous, Octoberfest.

25th July 2017

13th October in Wexford Spiegeltent festival

16th June 2017


To Smokie fans in Germany

The band are pleased to announce that they will perform two songs on the long running Fersehgarten TV show on ZDF this Sunday the 18th of June.

Songs to be performed are yet to be decided but one thing for sure, "Alice" will surely be on the agenda.  This is a late morning TV show but please check your TV Guide for details


3rd June 2017


Today is Steve's birthday!!!!

Smokie play in Bochum tonight, so those of you who are there tonight will no doubt get a chance to sing Happy Birthday to Steve.

29th May 2017


Smokie are finally getting back ibnto the swing of things for upcoming summer dates throughout Europe.

After an easy weekend in Ireland last week the guys ventured well into the Arctic Circle this weekend with a gig in Bardofuss, before heading south to play Ciry Scene in Krisianstad.

This week Smokie venture to Germany for a one off show this Saturday in Bochum.

17th May 2017

Smokie 2018

We have some exciting news for 2018.

Lots of tours for the Smokie world out there!

Smokie will be touring  in September and Ocotber in Germany in 2018 and tickets for these Shows will go on Sale this Monday 22nd May 2017, For good seats get your tickets early.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

More toring dates around the world  will be added soon!!

28th February 2017


Smokie would like to inform fans in Ireland that tickets for this weeks show in Limerick are selling fast so give the University concert hall a ring and get yourself a decent seat!!!

Just to add; Our last few shows in Ireland have ALL SOLD OUT . . . So we expect this to be the case in Limerick come Thursday evening!

26th February 2017


This small UK Tour has sadly come to an end, but our feeling is; that it won't be long before we start to plan again for next year.

We kicked off in Kings Lynn and the great night in Norfolk set the ball rolling and the benchmark for the rest of the shows.

Vibes backstage amongst the five of us, were what you might call exciting! We were of course a little apprehensive, but we soon got into our stride and boy did we enjoy ourselves!!!!!!!

The stand out show would have to be "The Not So Sure Stand Up" in Inverness at the top of Scotland. What a great night for Martin in his home town and the Ironworks was sold out and stuffed to the rafters!

Smokie would like to thank everyone who came to the shows, we fully understand that you travel some serious distance to come and see us and your support is truly recognised.

Great to be playing the UK once again!

A big thanks from Martin, Terry, Mike, Mick and Steve

7th February 2017


Yes, 25 years that Smokie have been performing and giving their time to this great cause.

This year was totally sold out and it looks like funds raised will be very high indeed. The guys also received engraved pewter tankards to mark this particular milestone and it was plain to see, that they enjoy this ball and they looked quite surprised when the trustees called the band forward to accept their gifts.

Next year tickets will no doubt be at a premium!

12th January 2017


Smokie fans in Ireland please note, that the show in Letterkenny is now "Sold Out"

Once again thank you for your continued support.

6th January 2017


Smokie would like to inform fans that tickets for the Aberdeen show in Scotland are now limited and we expect this show to sell out soon.

31st December 2016


Mike, Terry, Mick, Martin and Steve, would like to wish all Smokie fans a "Very Happy New Year"

13th December 2016


This time of year always brings up the decision of what to buy for loved ones at Christmas.

Smokie will tour the UK for the first time in four years this coming February. What better present could you give, than the gift of Live Music.

Tickets are now on sale for all UK shows!

12th December 2016


After a busy twelve weeks of touring including an Autralian Tour, the guys completed their winter touring schedule with a weekend in the northern part of Sweden, this last weekend.

The band now take a break for Christmas which will allow them to spend time with family and friends.

Dates for 2017 are well and truly filling the diary, so Smokie will hopefully be stopping at a city somewhere near you!       The UK Tour that will take place in February 2017 and is a welcome addition for UK fans, so the Band hope that UK concert goers will get behind the guys and support this upcoming UK Tour.

Mike, Terry, Mick, Martin and Steve, would like to thank all Smokie fans once again for all your support and kindness that you have shown us throughout 2016.

Smokie also wish everyone far and wide.  "A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL"

25th October 2016


A busy couple of weeks of heavy touring now completed, Smokie  have a few days off at home with their families before heading to Australia.

The guys have promised a "New Show" for Australia, so you Aussies can get to hear a few new songs that the band have brought back into their set, that they haven't played for quite a while.

Ticket sales are extremely strong for this upcoming tour and Tickets in Perth, Albany and Bunbury very close to being sold out already, so please get your tickets as soon as you can. Links to ticket sales are available on here in the Dates section.

21st October 2016


Tonight's show in Cookstown, Northern Ireland is "Sold Out"

20th October 2016


For reasons beyond the band's control the show in Glasgow will not go ahead.

Tickets for all our shows in the UK are now on sale.

19th October 2016


Smokie will perform live tonight on the Nolan Show and will be broadcast on BBC1 Northern Ireland. Those of you in Ireland can also watch via your SKY Box and UK viewers may find BBC1 NI on Freeview.

12th October 2016


UK TOUR Tickets have now started to go on sale

Inverness, Scotland - UK     Click Here

Southport Theatre - UK        Click Here

8th October 2016


Ticket info will be announced in the coming days.

Smokie hope and expect that this long awaited UK tour in February of next year will be a great success. Get your tickets early!

Thu     9         Kings Lynn, Corn Exchange UK

Fri       10       Southport Theatre and Convention Centre UK

Sun     12       Grimsby Auditorium UK

Thu     16       Chesterfield Winding Wheel UK

Fri      17        Halifax Victoria Theatre   UK

Tue     21        Glasgow Pavilion Theatre, Scotland

Wed    22        Aberdeen Tivoli Theatre, Scotland

Thu     23        Inverness, Iron Works, Scotland

3rd October 2016


Smokie would like to thank all our Irish fans for what we as a band would consider, an extermely successful weekend.

The Late Late Show was a great opportunity to share our music with the Country of Ireland, so we performed a Medley of songs including, A Few Dollers More, Needles And Pins and of course Living Next Door To Alice.

Our show's on Galway and Cork were both sold out and as always Irish fans didn't let us down.

Thank You Ireland.

Mick has and update on his own website about this last weekend, ckick HERE for details

30th September 2016


We have very little info on the about the "Late Late Show" on RTE 1 tonight. However we can tell you that if you are in Ireland this TV show goes out at 21.35 tonight.

We would also presume that this programe can also be viewed online.

20th September 2016


We would like to inform Irish fans that Cork Opera House has now sold out.

17th September 2016

UK TOUR 2017

Smokie are pleased to announce that we will tour the UK in the early part of 2017.

It will be almost five years since we toured the UK and needless to say, we are delighted that we can confirm some UK shows in February and March 2017.

As a UK band we feel that it is important that we don't forget our UK audience and fan base, We are very aware that UK fans have been frustrated by our lack of presence on UK shores. Hopefully, this will be a great success and we endevour to bring you a show that we, as a band will be proud of, and one that will allow you, to take away some great memories!

Dates will be announced shortly so that you can plan ahead and arrange your tickets.

Mike, Terry, Mick, Martin and Steve

12th September 2016


We have some big news for you. However; you'll have to check back in a few days so we can give you all the info in one go.

How's that for a teaser?

7th September 2016


Smokie are pleased to announce that they will play The Black Box now commonly caled the Town Hall Theatre in Galway on Thursday 29th September.  Tickets are currently on sale through the usual outlets and directly at the theatre. The last time the band played in Galway, the show was sold out. Please try to buy tickets in advance.


4th September 2016


Smokie are delighted to announce their invite to perform on the Late Late Show in Dublin, on Friday 30th of September.

The Late Late Show is Ireland's longest running talk show and has hosted so many major artists and celebrities over the years. This show coincides with a date at the Cork Opera House on Saturday 1st of October.

16th August 2016


The guys finally get to their annual summer break and can enjoy a little time out, relaxing at home and on holidays.

The band would like to thank everyone who has attended shows this year and your are grateful for your continued support.

When Smokie hit the road again in September it will be full steam ahead until the year end. Smokie have a heavy schedule in October before heading down to Australia and New Zealand. There is currently, negotiations going on to secure gigs in the Far East including Japan and a return to China and South Korea. Please check back here for updates and anything confirmed will be added to the dates section.

"Enjoy what's left of the summer friends, see you soon" Smokie.

12th August 2016

Middlefart, Denmark SOLD OUT

Just to let Danish fans know,. Tonight's gig in Hudsgavl Slot, is completely sold out.

5th August 2016


Just recently the band has received many emails, as to why Melbourne will not be played this time round.

The band would like to point out that there is no other reason for this omission other than; there was no venue available in Melbourne when the tour was was first being put together. It takes around eighteen months to plan a tour of Australia and quite often theaters and venues will not commit to one date when they may have the chance to host a show that may last longer such as a musical or pantomime. So Melbourne fans, we a sorry that we can't make it this time, but it certainly wasn't for the lack of trying. We would also like to point out at this time that ticket sales are very good and we thank you all for your continued support. Just to add the band have promised a new new show for Australia and will soon discuss songs for the upcoming tour, so if you have any suggestions, let us know via facebook!

5th August 2016


At late notice, we received news that our show in Stockholm , sweden will be streamed live on Youtube this evening.

Smokie will hit the stage at 10pm CET

23rd July 2016


As most of you now already know, Terry had a small but successful operation recently and had to miss a handful of shows this summer.

We are now glad to report that Terry was fit and well enough to make his comeback on the sell out show at the Sri Lanka Convention Centre in Colombo, this evening.

The band would like to thank David Levy for for his magnificent professional contribution over the last four weeks and his performance allowed the show to go on!

Tomorrow the band fly back to the UK via Abu Dhabi, but a quick turnaround is needed as they have to leave for Finland almost straight away.

10th June 2016


It's been a tough few days travel that's for sure!

We've just arrived in Norway for two festival shows this weekend, before heading to Czech Republic on Tuesday. We had a great show in Romania before our trip to Greenland (We never stopped eating)

As the summer rolls on keep checking the date sheet. Not often but can be the case that a show can come in late so check out the dates here.

Happy summer greetings from Mike, Steve, Terry, Martin and Mick

23rd May 2016


Unusual to say the least that Smokie have had such a long time off the road, but last week they performed their first concert of the summer season in Romania. This week  Mike, Terry, Martin, Steve and Mick head to Greenland. Smokie have performed several times now in the Glacier country, so no surprise that they will perform three consecutive concerts in the capital Nuuk.

14th May 2016


This month marks Mick's 20th Anniversary in Smokie.

You can read a blog here at Mick's own website, where he shares some of his thoughts and memories of his last twenty years in the band.

2nd March 2016

Smokie Australia Tour 2016

We are excited to announce that all our tour dates for Australia have now been confirmed and tickets are on sale.

14th February 2016


Having taken time off for their winter break, it was back to business for Martin, Mick, Terry, Steve and Mike.

Two gigs in Russia opens up the year of touring and the guys enjoyed two great shows in St. Petersburg and Moscow at the Crocus City Hall.

It wasn't the most grueling schedule for the guys and they chose the high speed train to travel from St. Petersburg to Moscow, which allows them to relax and sleep as opposed to the hustle and bustle of airports, which they will see enough of this year, that's for sure.

The band resurrected the song "What Can I Do" for both shows taking the set to over one hour forty minutes of live music.

Next stop Sweden!

7th February 2016


The Smokie Gala Ball in aid of the Annette Fox Leukemia Fund was yet again held in Bradford and of course a huge success.

This year we learned about the funding and how research is being brought back into the fray for the first time in many years. We learned about the other charity events that contribute to this great cause and as always there is a chance to thank so many people who work in the background doing so much. We would like to than Michelle Adam, who continues to support this effort each year.

As usual the stage became chaos as more and more people joined in, singing and playing, but all great fun. It's a chance for the band to get together before the main touring starts next week.

31st January 2016


It would probably fair to say that Sir Terry Wogan the Irish born broadcaster and regarded as one of the greats; could have been considered the bands' biggest Advocate.

If we wind the clock back to the release of "The Nashville Album" There was no other DJ, that played that album like the great Terry Wogan on Radio 2 in the UK.

There was an article one time in a few newspapers in the UK after we had caused mayhem in Mongolia with a sold out concert in Ulan Batoor. Terry Wogen got wind of this and christened the band "The Kings Of Mongolia" whenever he introduced us on radio.

As a band we can't thank him enough. RIP. SIR TERRY.

22nd January 2016

MARTIN DIXON (Sound Engineer)

It is with great sadness that Smokie heard the news this week about the passing of Martin Dixon, who worked with the band on many occasions.

Although Martin never became a full time tech with Smokie, he worked on several tours of Ireland and the UK. He could be best described as a quiet professional

Our condolences go to Martin's family at this time.

Click here for a nice piece about Martin in the Yorkshire Post

14th December 2015


FINLAND; not a country that Smokie visit that often; Strange considering the guys play so much in the other Nordic countries.   Along with good friends Nazareth and Slade, The Christmas Rock Show took place in Seinäjoki and Rovaniemi, the latter supposabley The place where Santa Clause lives the rest of the year when he's not busy.

Seinäjoki Arena is quite huge so it needed to be well attended, which it was of course. Slade opened the show and Smokie had to follow a great set performed by Nazareth.

On Saturday, travel plans had to be changed due to the promoters' concern at making sure the bands got there in time, so it was decided that Nazareth and Smokie drive eight hours to reach Rovaniemi.  No soundcheck and little time in this wonderful Christmas town was what greeted both bands. Slade being onstage first once again, probably had the easiest time of the weekend, so they got there before eveyone else, as they managed to make their flight on the second day.  All the bands get on well and are great friends, they enjoy these triple band nights.

The Ruokangas Guitar Company  came to tease Mick with one of their custom guitars, which he played on a few songs, more on that story here.

Smokie and crew now head home for their Christmas break.

Martin, Terry,  Mick, Steve and Mike. Wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

20th November 2015


THE ROCK AGAINST CANCER Concert at the weekend in Germany was totally sold out. As you would expect of course, the guys were on good form as the headliners and were happy to be part of this charitable event. Smokie and crew head into a ten day break now before heading out to Slovenia

12th November 2015


"This Is The Best Gig This Year" was Mike's statement to a sell out audience in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel.

The show was also broadcast live across the whole of Israel by the biggest radio station that has more listeners than anyone else. Speaking afterwards in a short interview to a music magazine, Band mambers stated that "Israel audiences have really set the bar here today, and the noise they made was truly something else"

20th October 2015


Last Saturday the gig in Timmendorf, Germany. Nearly didn't happen!

On a regular basis Band and Crew have to grapple with difficulties resulting from technical chaos to travel logistical nightmares. However; for the first time in at least a decade, two members of the Crew failed to make the gig. ALL the equipment also failed to make the gig.      A grounded aircraft in Leeds forced the crew to make other arrangements, but the equipment including guitars went missing somewhere at Leeds Airport, so consequently the Crew wern't allowed to board their re-arranged flight. To cut a long story short they never made it to Germany and that in itself is a vary rare occurance.

Between Sean the Tour Manager (who was stranded) Brenden (who had made it) and the promoter arrangements were put in place to cover all bases (and Basses) Ostendorf Backline had enough guitars to cover the show, we had a great German Crew and Toby did a wonderful job on sound.

Smokie's regular crew are always on hand to pick up the peices when all around is going wrong. On this occasion Brendan soley, pulled out all the stops and did his job in a professional manner to bring about a show that was (for a while) in the balance. Next stop Norway!!!

14th October 2015


The guys are finally home for a few days after a whistle-stop tour of South Africa. After landing in Jo'burg last Tuesday evening, Smokie hit the promotion train, with Radio shows and early morning TV being the order of the day. Even the visit to a winery near Cape Town turned into a press conference!

A spectacular setting in Paarl served as the setting for the first show in the Liqui-Fruit Ampitheatre. Temperatures in excess of 30 degrees lead to Mick's in ear monitors actually melting when the band turned up for soundcheck. Needless to say the night went ahead without any more hitches and the Paarl crowd witnessed for the very first time, Smokie's acoustic show in South Africa.

The Big Top Arena (Carnival City) played host to the next two show's with the Band making comment that the Saturday night was one of the best crowds ever in S.A.

The Band would like to say a big thank you to the Lefra team. Smokie leave S.A. with a promise from Lefra that more African countries may be explored in the future.

29th September 2015


Three great shows in Germany and the Cxech Republic last weekend got the band back into their stride of touring after their summer break. The all seater show in Germany was totally sold out which of course is always encouraging. The two jam packed shows in Czech were as always, loud and rockin!. Due to the logistics of those two shows, band had to travel a serious amount of kilometers due to the fact that there weren't any flights going from Prague to Ostrava on Saturday, needless to say it was truly worth it.

In Ostrava the transport for the band to and from the show was two brand new Range Rover cars. However; In Ostrava, Mick was left behind at the hotel and no one seemed to notice until showtime. The promoter and all concerned went into panic mode when informed to look for Smokie's guitars that had been lost and left behind in the hotel. Clearly a translation problem - bcause what they should have been looking for was in fact, Smokie's guitarist Mick. After a short delay a disgruntled Mick, joined the other guys backstage where they gave Mick some stick about being late!

24th September 2015


The guys are back on tour after their annual summer break. Today the guys have a concert in Bad Fussing in Germany before moving b to the Czech Republic tomorrow. Travel chaos raised it's head again for Martin, who had to find an alternative flight after his original flight was cancelled, let's hopethe rest of this weekend goes to plan for the guys!!


21st September 2015


A new alliance is formed today between the two brands, Smokie and Loch Ness, as the first batch of a new beer, called "Smokieness", will be brewed at Loch Ness Brewery in Drumnadrochit, Highlands. It is a 5% abv red beer brewed with ginger and honey and a slight hint of peat. I shall be involved in the brewing process and very much look forward to tasting the first batch. With both Smokie's success overseas as well as Loch Ness Brewery's export territories this beer is set to be available in several parts of the world. I wish the brewery every success and look forward to seeing it on the shelves in some of the places where Smokie regularly tour. Martin




18th August 2015


The band have announced that they plan to perform a two set show whilst in South Africa this October.

The first set will be an acoustic set that has never been performed in SA. The acoustic set has been a favourite of Smokie fans around Europe and the UK in recent years but is often not played due to logistics, not this time around!

10th August 2015


Well there you have it, the guys survived their last weekend on tour before heading different directions to spend time relaxing and recharging the batteries and take in their summer break. Three shows in Estonia this weekend has really been something quite special with the band playing to in excess of 65000 people over three nights.

Once again the band would like to thank all fans for continued support throughout this year. It always amazes the guys just how far fans travel to these festivals and cheer the guys on, hail, rain or shine !!!

This period also gives the crew the opportunity to get all the necessary repairs done properly to guitars etc after months on the road.

Martin, Mike, Terry, Steve and Mick wish you the best, see you in September !!!

6th August 2015


After another crazy travel schedule last week taking in the TV show on TV2 in Norway,  a concert in Trunguen and the travel to Romania, where almost 45000 fans turned out to see the guys play Zalau. The guys finally go to Estonia for three shows before heading into a well needed summer break. Martin, Terry, Mick, Steve and Mike will no doubt take some relaxation on a beach somewhere and try to re-charge the batteries.  In terms of actual concert dates, the band haven't been overly busy, but the travel schedules have increasingly added to the workload. The crew have had a stressful time too, with equipment going missing on flights at the worst possible times; In fact the gig in Zalau was a real tough task with almost all the equiment getting delayed in Oslo and the band having to make do with last minute hired equipment.

In the coming months, the guys travel to poland, Norway, South Africa, Germany and Israel, check back here and local press for details.

Smokie wish everyone an enjoyable remaining summer and wish everyone well !!

9th July 2015


There’s no doubt about it, Smokie are in that mad summer period knocking up more miles than ever before. Luggage is going missing at an alarming rate, which is just part of this summer madness !


Having left a full house in Lichtenstein last week, the guys; having spent barely one day at home headed straight to Norway for a festival in Sel, where they were accompanied by a Norwegian journalist and photographer, who wanted to get the low down of life on the road with Smokie. There should be an article in a magazine for you somewhere soon (there will be a link on the site when available )


The band are currently in Lekvas in the far reachers of northern Norway at the moment where they will play a full set at the Midnight Sun Rock Festival, before crazy travel arrangements see band heading to Lithuania on Friday and the Czech Republic on Saturday. It would be fair to say they are well and truly “In The Thick Of It”

22nd June 2015


On Saturday morning after a great gig the night before in Jurmala, Latvia. Travel chaos once again reared it's head with Band and crew members alike, struggling to get home. The guys had their first flight to Amsterdam cancelled so what should have been a simple travel day became a logistical nightmare, with band members killing hours in Riga airport, but eventually going via Stockholm to Amsterdam. Fortunaly these incidents don't often happen and they are; as we say, "occupational hazards"  It would probably be a fare statement to say that fans are very rarely aware of the efforts Band and Crew have to make trying to get to a show. It also turns out Mick had a difficult trip out to Latvia too, he was suffering with food poisoning but luckily recovered enough to get through the gig.

28th May 2015

A short break for the guys

Just for a change; The guys can relax over the next ten days or so and take a well deserved rest.   Last weekend, Smokie performed a very short set at a private show in Norway, The band had to use a helicopter to get to the gig, which took place on a small island close to Alesund, but reports back say Band and Crew had a great time and enjoyed a rare evening off after their early show.

SUMMER ON IT'S WAY     New dates are being added all the time , so be sure to check back here for updates and changes. Tickets are available through the usual outlets in your local area.

18th May 2015


A wonderful weekend was had by Smokie in the 2 most famous opera house's of Ireland,Cork and Wexford.Both shows sold out and Wexford management told us that we could have done 3 shows there as the interest was so high.Next time Wexford! On a lighter note I really enjoyed Irelands favourite tipple Guinness this trip.I don't know why but I definately need a bigger belt for my jeans now ha ha!


17th May 2015


This week marks 20 years since Mike joined Smokie.

All those years back, it was decided that Mike's first shows would take place in Ireland with only low key advertising, hoping that small shows would ease Mike in to what would become a difficult task ahead, after the death of Alan Barton. Reflecting on the past twenty years; Mike said "This weekend both shows in Ireland are sold out.  We have come a long way and I am proud of what we have acheived, I am also extremely proud of the contribution I have made"

13th May 2015


As the Band prepare for the upcoming shows in Ireland, they are pleased to announce that they will perform the Acoustic show at both Cork and Wexford.

Over the years Ireland have supported Smokie in a way that they have almost adopted the band as their own, so tickets as usual are selling fast. contact venues for further information. 

The Acoustic Set will be a first for Ireland, logistics often playing a part in what show the band will perform. The set will be the same that they have just performed on their recent very succesful German Tour.

7th May 2015


Due to circumstances beyond our control,Smokie's show in Poland on 23rd May has had to be postponed until a later date has been arranged.

5th May 2015

Germany Switzerland.

A great yet unusual tour for Smokie as we did so much road travel on this one.5000 Km covered over 3 weeks.I say unusual because we normally fly with the occasional drive nowadays. It's been awhile since we added things here but as you can see that the site has been updated and as we get used to the new features at hand we can add more info etc.So thanks for the patience here and very many thanks to the German and Swiss public for making our 3 weeks so enjoyable.


19th April 2015


Hi Everyone, the first three gigs in Germany have been great. The acoustic set is going down way better that any of us could have thought, and comments after the show from fans is one of amazement and surprise at how we do some songs acoustically. We are delighted that this tour is going well and numbers at the gigs let us know just how well we are supported in Germany.

Today we have a day off in Berlin. We all have different plans, but no doubt, food, drink and relaxing will be the order of the day. We might take in a little sightseeing too, so anyone in Berlin this next couple of days may see band members walking round taking photos, watching football in an irish pub. Keep a look out !!!

Mike, Terry. Mick, Steve and Mart

15th April 2015


Smokie crew head to Germany today, soon to be followed by the band members. The German Tour kicks off in Heilbron on the 16th and will end in Shopfheim at the end of the month. This is the first time in nineteen years that Smokie have toured Germany with this amount of dates. The last major tour of Germany was to support "The World And Elsewhere" Album. Mick recalls "it was a huge tour and if my memory serves me correctly, we played thirty shows back to back"    Mike also said: "I think we played six or seven songs from the album and it was tough tour to get though, this one coming up should be a little easier"

Smokie will perform a short acoustic set on all the seated shows, A first for Germany and hopefully allow the fans to enjoy what other countries such as the UK and Australia have been lucky enough to see in the past.

Smokie would like to thank German Amplification Company Hughes & Kettner, for their tour support.

10th April 2015


It's a long travel day home for Smokie after a one of show at the Cinderella, Stockholm in Sweden.  Great show and a really resposive audience for performing the one hour show, but time to allow Terry to announce on stage the success of the "Gold" release in Germany.

The guys have the unusual luxury of a weekend off with their families before they head out back on the road again, for what will be the bands first tour of Germany in nineteen years. Yes of course the band play Germany often, and every year, but this amount of dates has taken a long time to plan and will incorporate the acoustic set on some seated dates, a new for Germany.

8th April 2015


Great newa here in Smokieland! Our Cd package 'GOLD'  has entered the German album charts at number 36 and the 'GOLD' dvd package has entered the German dvd charts at number 4/Thank you so much for your support with this project.


1st April 2015

Who was late?

Ok I admit it. Twas I, Terry, simply because I got the leaving time wrong by 15 minutes. I was awake before the knockenmartin knockermartined on my door. Life on the road eh!


30th March 2015


Another pair of great shows over the weekend once again, and as always Denmark remains a favourite place for Smokie and a country that has firmly supported the guys religiously over the years.

This weekend was also a time to change our clocks to a summertime setting causing ALL band members and crew to complain about a lack of sleep. There was also a major concern that their smart phones and other gadgetry wouldn't calculate the change, and allow alarm settings to wake them in time.   Cue Martin . . . .

. . . . In Edwardian times in England, there was a Man who was called the "Knockerupper" he would go round the streets in the early hours of the morning and with a long pole, he would bang on people's bedroom windows and get them up for work. Anyway this weekend Martin decided to take on that roll of "Knockerupper" and at requested times, Martin walked round the hotel knocking up band and crew. Martin always rises early; there was only one person who was late. wonder who?

27th March 2015


Yesterday, bad weather at Oslo Airport looked set to threaten the show in Lillestrom. Mick and Steve were stranded in Amsterdam as flight after flight got cancelled going into Oslo airport. It was reported that almost 12cm of Snow fell in a 15 hour period. Luckily they arrived 10 minutes before show time and disruption to the show that took place just after soundcheck was quite minimal. Today the guys travel to Denmark to play two shows, one in Mors and the other in Falster.

17th March 2015


The gig at the Palace Of Culture in Kiev, Ukraine had been re-scheduled from last year, because of the current political climate in Eastern Ukraine.

Generally speaking, Smokie don't tend to make comments about political situations like this, but what was great, is that we could see so many smiling faces in such a huge crowd singing along and generally haveing a great time.. Perhaps for a couple of hours everyone forgot about troubles elsewhere?

We were hinded by some real travel disruption over the weekend, but we thouroughly enjoyed the show and it was great to be back in Kiev once again.

14th March 2015


The band arrived in Iceland on Friday to news that both shows were completlely sold out. The first Show in almost twelve years sold out within hours so the promoter convinced the band to play a second show on the same evening.

The guys said after the show, "Those two concerts were probably the best back to back shows that we have ever done"

Today the guys have a travel day to the Ukraine, where the guys play Kiev on Sunday.

11st March 2015


Smokie would like to thank everyone in Malaysia, especially Frances and his team for a wonderful and memorable experience in Malaysia.

It was decided at the last minute that Band and Crew would stay in a 5* Resort Hotel for their entire stay in Kuala Lumpur, so the guys got to relax and chillout by the pool most days. A golf day was organised and both Band and Crew joined in. Sightseeing was also on the menu and Mick joined the crew for some fun in the water park on the very last day.

There was of course some serious business that had to take place in the form of press conferences and lots of radio interviews. The idea behind the MY Festival 2015, was that Malaysian Musicians would get share the same stage as an International Artist and give them the experience of working at a higher level. Smokie were certainly impressed by the amount of talent on show!!!

On Festival day the weather threatend to spoil proceedings and as a safety concern the festival had to be stopped for well over one hour to let the storm pass. Smokie still hit the stage on time, but had to play a shorter set than usual.

The staging and lighting were also very impressive, Smokie had the most fantastic and very impressive LCD Backdrop that helped compliment an awesome light show.

In an post show interview the band said "It was one of the hottest shows that we have ever done" (38 Degrees) They also mentioned that "The experience of playing in Malaysia again will allow us to go home with fond memories"

The guys leave Malaysia with some wonderful memories and more importantly, they have reached out yet again, to many youngsters and made many new friends. The Band look forward to returning to Malysia in the future !!!

The band now head to Iceland for a double sell out show in the capital Rekjavik on Friday.

3rd March 2015


After a long travel day from Ufa in Russia, Band and crew arrived safe and well in Kuala Lumpur. The guys were greeted by Promoters, sponsors and wellwishers at the airport and despite some tired bodies the guys made themselves presentable for the usual photo session that is a typical aspect of touring this part of the world.

One or two band members went sight seeing today and a golf tournament is planned sometime over the next couple of days. It would seem the guys are being well looked after, whilst we all freeze back here in the UK.

24th February 2015


The band returned home Sunday after two sold out shows in the Czech Republic. Some of the photos on varous facebook pages over the weekend looked amazing!!!

After a quick turnaround in the UK, Band and crew flew to Russia this morning where they play at Crocus Hall in Moscow before moving onto Ufa. After the Russian shows, the guys fly directly to Malaysia to play the resheduled shows that were originally booked for last year. This is one part of the world that Smokie are looking forward to playing. It would be fair to say that this years touring is now in full swing!

23rd December 2014


Wishing everyone out there in Smokieland a very merry christmas and an even better 2015.Thank you so much for being there!