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It was a mild Tuesday afternoon in the sleepy town of Llandudno in North Wales, when the Smokie roadshow pulled into town, to kick off their 2018 UK Tour.


 Ten shows spread over three weeks would see the guys navigating the length and breadth of the UK.


 Bad weather threatened to scupper the shows in Scotland and technical issues left the band in darkness for two songs in Glasgow, but these are the ups and downs of touring in general. As usual, the guys took it all in their stride once again without complaint!


 Playing the UK has now become a firm fixture on the Smokie calendar and once again, the band reflect on the shows, the travel and the folks that support their efforts to bring what the rest of the world seem to take for granted!


 Mick says-

“The Inverness show for me was another belter! I just love the place, it’s a great vibe and it’s just one of those great venues”


 On the day of the Southport show, Martin was left stranded on the train between stations when bad weather threatened his efforts to get down to England from his hometown of Inverness. Luckily he made it just in time for sound check, but there were a few members who had started to worry!


 Playing York once again was a welcomed change, the guys hadn’t played the Barbican for the best part of ten years, so what is another local gig for Mike, Terry and Mick, and so well attended, it will probably be on the next tour that’s for sure!


 Mike says-

“The Barbican is a wonderful sounding venue, I felt we played well that evening too, very enjoyable”


 The show in Darlington was a loud affair, helped in the volume stakes by Steve’s family showing their support from somewhere in the balcony.


 Travel can often be quite difficult, but in the case of the crew getting to Minehead for the band’s last and final show, the story might just end up in Smokie folklore?

Ollie- the Irish monitor technician was given the task of driving. Christos the Greek guitar technician was given the task of programming the sat-nav. However instead of adding the final destination of Minehead, like he should have done, he added Maidenhead, which is the best part of 200 miles away.

Sean, the tour manager awoke to some serious swearing and an argument about who was at fault? Needless to say the guys eventually arrived very late in Minehead (Luckily on a day off)

There was much laughter with all the touring party and perhaps the situation of who does what when it comes to future travel might well be delegated away from the Greek and Irish lads?


Martin says-

“We had a great laugh at the crew getting to the last gig”


Smokie would like to thank UK fans for making this, another successful tour. We hope that next time around we can add somewhere new and perhaps play even more shows!

We also wish to remind our UK fans, that we have one more UK show at the Grassington festival in June!

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