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2022 for Smokie was three things.
It was sad, it was hard work, but at the same time extremely rewarding.

After the passing of Terry, we had an obligation to many promoters and fans alike.
Most of our concerts were the one's that were rebooked or moved after Covid.
We didn't know how any of the gigs would be? or how fans would feel seeing the band without Terry present.

It was a tough year, because we literally seemed to be traveling everywhere, and many gigs were crammed in to accommodate Promoters, venues and the tickets for which fans had bought two years earlier.

It was strange without Terry, but we had made the decision to carry on and hopefully preserve the memory of Terry in the best way we could; playing live and bringing our stage performance to Europe and beyond.
Smokie have just completed out 12th Tour of South Africa, a milestone in itself.

Smokie wishes everyone a "Happy and Prosperous New Year" and we say a very simple "Thank You" for making our job far easier in what was a very tough year for all of us.

We would like to thank the various members of our road crew, Tour managers and everyone who works so hard to bring it all together!

We look forward to seeing you in 2023!


"Not a day goes by where we don't think of Terry, both on and off stage"

Today the 16th December 2022, marks one year exactly since the passing of not just a band member, but a friend and brother in arms, with whom we spent many years touring the world and sharing the ups' and downs' that this business has thrown at us in our time together 

We are currently in South Africa and last night we played Cape Town. A place that Terry loved!

Rest In Peace El Tel ........ We miss you!



Due to public demand.
A second concert has been added in Jo'Burg on December 18th 2022
Info at your usual ticket outlet!

Many of you, have been asking who has been playing bass for Smokie the last few weeks?
That guy is Jon Clifford Cox!

However; last night in Krakow, Poland, was Jon's farewell to his stint in Smokie, before Luke returns once again.

Smokie would like to thank Jon for his enthusiasm, his professionalism and the general great attitude he has brought to the the band both on and off stage.
We shall miss Jon's eclectic taste in music that has been blasting out in our dressing rooms in the last weeks.

Jon has an impressive CV and he has played with the likes of the great Albert Lee.

We wish Jon all the luck in the world, we know he has impressed many on the shows he has done, and we shall hopefully remain friends for a long time to come!

Go get 'em Jon!



On Friday the 21st January, Smokie and its entire community worldwide said our final goodbye to Terry.

Steve, Martin and Mick now feel its the right time to make a statement…………

The passing of a band member gives us a great deal to think about.

It is with immeasurable grief we acknowledge that Terry is no longer with us.

Considering the feelings of Terrys family, we also take into account the feelings of our fans worldwide and take onboard some of their wishes.

At this moment in time, and with the blessing of Lisa and Holly, Terrys daughters,
we feel that the right thing to do Is to be honourable in our business dealings (something we are well known for in the music business) with promoters, theatres and various venues that have supported us in the past. It is important that we protect our integrity by honouring contracts and commitments until the end of this year 2022.

During the year, we shall have plenty of opportunities to talk to fans and get their feelings on what they would like to see happen with Smokie. Its also extremely important to the remaining band members to uphold the memory of our brother and best friend Terry.

So, along with our new singer Pete Lincoln and Luke Bullard on bass duties, we remain grateful and optimistic.

We shall make a promise to promoters, fans, and all concert goers who currently hold tickets for postponed concerts, that  “We shall bring you a Smokie concert that you will not only enjoy, but certainly remember”

We will also work hard to make sure that we perform in a manner that Terry would be proud.

Sadly, we continue to live and work in strange times, with  uncertainty still present.
However,  we shall keep you informe ...

Just a quick update on the upcoming Irish Tour Dates.

The gig in Wexford at the Speigeltent, is "Sold Out"

Tickets for Killarney and Castlebar are still available.
However; tickets for the Cork Opera House are limited!

Smokie Fans will get to see Pete for the first time in Ireland with the band. 
So make sure to give him a warm Irish welcome!



We felt it only right that we share some great photos from Reykjavik, Iceland.

Meet the new line up of Smokie!

"Not" the Blue Lagoon

Pete and Mick strutting their stuff!

Terry happy to be back!


Martin clearly enjoying his gig!



Steve laying it down.

Last Saturday

Smokie played their first concert since March 2020!

“Back in Business” may well be and overstatement at the moment, because like everyone else in the music industry we have to wait and see, how things go.
Having said that reports of the show were plentiful and social media gave those who weren’t there, some kind of idea, of the excitement that happened in Iceland.

The trip to Reykjavik, didn’t go too smoothly to start with, when some of the band’s equipment was subject to a security scare. The band were whisked from the lounge back to check-in to identify some pieces, so they could be loaded. It looked at one point that some of the band members might even miss their flight!
(They never make it easy for themselves)

On arrival into Iceland the band were Covid compliant and took arrival and departure tests in order to travel back home on the Sunday. Apparently, some members didn’t enjoy how far the bud went up their noses!

Bright and early on Saturday morning, some of the guys went to the local lagoon for some relaxation in the volcanic thermal waters of Reykjavik, which apparently was a great deal of fun.

 When the band finally got to do their soundcheck on Saturday afternoon, Pete had some problems with his main acoustic, which really made life difficult for him. He sat waiting to see if his acoustic could be fixed and thankfully guitar tech Steve came up trumps and Pete could use his favourite acoustic guitar on his first gig with Smokie.

It was “sold out” a full house!

Smokie entered the stage to rapturous noise from the Icelandic audience and whilst there were a few nerves, the guys got down to business and gave the audience exactly what they came for.

The set consisted of the usual hits and a few change arounds of the setlist.
De ...

Finally, after almost 20 months. Smokie are delighted to announce that our Show in Iceland this coming weekend will go ahead.

The guys are currently in rehearsals in order to present a new show.
They will take all the necessary steps to of course to be Covid compliant during travel and during their time in Iceland.

Needless to say, the guys are delighted to be reunited once again, doing what they do best.

Other shows are planned in Ireland and in Sweden, but Smokie fans will be kept well informed and know the status of these shows well in advance.


Smokie would like to welcome Pete Lincoln into the Smokie family.

Pete has been a long-time friend of the band over many years.

Both Smokie and Pete have often been on the same bill and shared many a stage, so he knows Smokie very well and vice versa.

Pete comes with a wealth of experience and has an extensive personal musical CV.
Over the years, he has worked as a backing singer with Cliff Richard, he has fronted Sailor and as most folks will know, Pete was lead singer with glam rockers “The Sweet”

In recent years he has been quite busy with his project “The Frontm3n” as well as being a solo artist releasing his own albums.

Pete is an excellent and versatile musician, both on electric and acoustic guitar. He is also an accomplished songwriter; attributes that were paramount when we set about looking for a replacement for Mike Craft.

We are well aware that change is sometimes hard for fans to swallow, but we sincerely hope that Smokie fans worldwide, will welcome Pete on board and give him the support that you have always shown in the past.

 Pete will join Smokie in rehearsals as soon as Covid restrictions are lifted.

Smokie fans will be pleased to know that we will once again, be ready to hit the road and bring you the energetic show that you are used to seeing and expect.

Please support Pete and give him the encouragement that he deserves in taking on the task of fronting Smokie.
We also know that fans will want to meet and speak to Pete when we finally get back on tour.
He is one of life’s nice guys and very approachable.
We are delighted and excited to have him on board!


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Nostalgia at its best.
A 5 star show.

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