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It was a long time since that Smokie did a full tour of Germany.
Enjoyable, Yes!
Hard work, Yes!
Magical moments, Yes!
Surprising moments. Yes!
Satisfying, Yes!

We could answer yes to so many questions, but more than anything else, will we do it again?
Absolutely Yes!

We would like to thank ALL our German fans for making this German Tour a great success. We enjoyed ourselves and as a band we were given a real injection of enthusiasm to bring to you what we feel we do best!

We Started in Halle, before moving onto, Hoyerswede, Erfurt and Mick's favourite gig of the Tour in Berlin.


We decided that we would send regular updates to Facebook, which was greeted with great enthusiasm by Smokie followers outside Germany. Of course we had the usual request and question as to why we weren't playing in this or that particular country?


Our German Tour was split over two legs, and the first part was mainly theatres, with the second part being like a small club tour, something that band hadn't done in a long long time."Hot and Sweaty" as we like to call them!

Most of the gigs on this tour were "Sold Out" that always endorses what we are trying to achieve and present to you in the form of our show.
Nuenkirchen, was one such place that sold out very early and for a mid-week show it really rocked! Terry stated quite simply, "We gotta come back here"

After Neunkirchen we went back to the UK for a couple of days off. What we didn't know though, was the the club gigs would be so rewarding and would take us all by surprise.

Of course it was a German Tour but we did play one single show in Switzerland in the Z7, just a few Km's over the German border. That was "Sold Out" too!


Our last show, was in the Longhorn in Stuttgart. The amount of bands that have played this gig is incredible and our first show there was also another gig to remember. Steve made a comment that he felt "it was the gig of the tour"!


We would like to say a big thank you to ALL our German Fans, and of course anyone else who made it to Germany. We appreciate that you follow us with such vigour. It is you the fans that make it worth while!

Mike, Terry, Steve, Martin and Mick





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