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Mike, Steve, Terry, Mick and Martin

Would like to wish our loyal fans far and wide, a very merry Christmas and a special greeting for the festive season.


Sometimes, words are not needed.
The guys started their Symphony Tour last night, so here's a few photos to share what the band experienced on their first two nights!








It was a long time since that Smokie did a full tour of Germany.
Enjoyable, Yes!
Hard work, Yes!
Magical moments, Yes!
Surprising moments. Yes!
Satisfying, Yes!

We could answer yes to so many questions, but more than anything else, will we do it again?
Absolutely Yes!

We would like to thank ALL our German fans for making this German Tour a great success. We enjoyed ourselves and as a band we were given a real injection of enthusiasm to bring to you what we feel we do best!

We Started in Halle, before moving onto, Hoyerswede, Erfurt and Mick's favourite gig of the Tour in Berlin.


We decided that we would send regular updates to Facebook, which was greeted with great enthusiasm by Smokie followers outside Germany. Of course we had the usual request and question as to why we weren't playing in this or that particular country?


Our German Tour was split over two legs, and the first part was mainly theatres, with the second part being like a small club tour, something that band hadn't done in a long long time."Hot and Sweaty" as we like to call them!

Most of the gigs on this tour were "Sold Out" that always endorses what we are trying to achieve and present to you in the form of our show.
Nuenkirchen, was one such place that sold out very early and for a mid-week show it really rocked! Terry stated quite simply, "We gotta come back here"

After Neunkirchen we went back to the UK for a couple of days off. What we didn't know though, was the the club gigs would be so rewarding and wo ...

Over the last couple of weeks the band have certainly racked up a few road miles as well as a few air miles.
They're currently in Germany, coming into their last weekend of the 2nd leg of what will surely be considered a very successful German Tour.

Last night, they were awarded a "Sold Out" cow bell that the Big Box in Kempten give to artists, who sell out the venue.
The guys have a day off today but will travel to Switzerland for their show in Pratteln tomorrow, before finishing this German Tour in Stuttgart on Sunday evening.

Last week, the band played their second "Sold Out" show at the Olavshallen in Trondheim, having endured a huge travel day from Sicily to northern Norway, to complete that task, along with another "Sold Out" show in Kristiansand.

This period of touring has been one of the busiest schedules in Smokie's touring history, so the guys will be glad to have a few days off next week, before traveling back to play two shows in Norway, as well as two shows in northern Sweden.






A couple of weeks ago, Smokie played the Capitol in Mannheim, Germany.

We are glad that René van der Voorden, was there with his camera.

he has provided us a link and is happy for you all to view his incredible work.

Band members have said that his photos really capture the night fantastically well.


A second show, that was added at the Olavshallen in Trondheim Norway. Has now "Sold Out"

Folks of Norway. Thank you for your continued support!


In the early part of 2018, Smokie were approached with regards to participating in another "Legends Live Tour" like the one we did a few years back, with Hot Chocolate and David Cassidy.

We knew that this would effect any plans for a UK Tour of our own in 2019, but felt that the opportunity was too good to pass up.

It's our hope that Smokie fans will support us on these dates. We also know from the last experience, that many fans felt very positive about seeing Smokie play some of the big arena venues in the UK.

Sadly there were some shows on this tour that Smokie could not commit to because of prior commitments and concerts that were already confirmed. However; we are delighted to join part of this tour and we hope to see our fans on these shows, we know you will make the most noise!!!!

Here is the information for dates and tickets.



0844 493 6666


Presale 19th September 9:00am

On sale 21st September 9:00am




0843 373 3000


Presale 19th September 9:00am

On sale 21st September 9:00am




0844 815 0815


Presale 19th September 9:00am

On sale 21st September 9:00am




0844 33 88222< ...

As we pass into the mid part of September, we thought it might be a good time to remind the lads that they need to do their last bit of sunbathing, brush the dust off their instruments and get ready for what will be a grueling third quarter of 2018.

Achtung! Terry, Mike, Mick, Steve and Martin, Germany is waiting!

We all hope you have enjoyed your summer break!



It’s the time of year where we say our goodbyes at the airport. We wish each other well and say goodbye to our crew. We’re all going on holiday!


Today we we’re greeted by lashing rain at Oslo airport and last night’s show was seriously cold in comparison to the last few weeks. A reminder; that autumn and winter are just around the corner.
The last few weeks have not only been hectic but travel has been quite grueling, lack of sleep been the order of the day!

Looking back on the summer months, it’s clear to ourselves that our popularity is as strong as ever with some of the biggest crowds ever turning out to watch what we do best!

We also had a gig at Leopardstown racecourse near Dublin this last weekend. We’ve never done that before and to look at the TV screens showing, the “Smokie Handicap Chase” was certainly a new one for all of us. The gig after the racing attracted almost 7000 Smokie fans, the majority turning up for the concert as apposed to the racing. We hope that one comes along again! We all enjoyed our time meeting the trainer and winning horse, as well as presenting the glass trophy that wore “our name”

It’s been a tough summer for our crew. They have had to deal with a fair share of missing gear and not very well checked ampliifiers, but as always they have got on with the job quite admirably, and made the show come together in the best way they know how.

We have quite a hectic autumn and winter ahead of us.

Our German Tour kicks off on the 21st September, we have some more Scandinavian gigs to finish before we head out with the 40 piece orchestra that will take us to our Christmas holidays, so recharging the batteries now is an absolute necessity!

We hope you enjoy what is left of the summer. You never know you might just catch a Smokie member on a beach somewhere on your travels!

Mike ...

We thought it might be time to give you an update of our summer shinanigans!

With dates in Norway, Czech Republic, Germany and Lichtenstein, the guys head to Sweden this coming week (Check Out Tour Dates) They also visit the Faroe Islands too, a place that Smokie have often frequented.

So what's been going on?  Fair enough to say the band are going full throttle at the moment. Last weekend the band had a most grueling schedule having to perform in Norway on Friday and Austria on Saturday. A 13 Hour travel day was on the cards before the band even got to their hotel to take a shower!
Another mistake by the airline (It's becoming a habit) meant that none of the band's guitars arrived for their second show in Austria, luckily the crew had organised replacement instruments, but it was very much the case that the gig was a bit of a struggle!

Martin celebrated his birthday and he thanks all fans who wished him well via Facebook.

As the summer rolls, it's also clear to see which band members are enjoying the sun in their downtime!

We shall keep you posted on anything that needs to be told and we may well have some very interesting news about 2019 dates for the UK!   Now that has got you thinking?



Tour Dates

Keep up to date about where Smokie are playing.

You don't want to miss them!

Nostalgia at its best.
A 5 star show.

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